S8/U8 Information
S8/U8 Information
A8 Application startup
A8 Configuration framework
A8 Minimal android development platform
Android device is set to accept applications from unknown sources
App execution issue when Instant Run option enabled
Articulo S8 Kernel
Borrador en bruto y correcciones
Building s8vm for Linux
Building s8vm for Mac OSX
CharlaEntrevista a Ale Elvio Fernandez y Cluadio Campos
Coding Dojo Agenda feb 182012
Compact Web Mode walkthrough
Complete Changes to U8 Swiki
Console Mode walkthrough
Construccion de guion
Construccion del contenido del guion
Create a Compact mode contribution
Create a UI8WI8 Headless mode contribution
Cva8 Application startup
Cva8 Cordova based mobile development
Cva8 How to build your application package apk
Cva8 Index page
Cva8 Nice To Have
Cva8 Publishing to Google Play store
Cva8 ToDo list for publishing
DIY Smalltalk
DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
Desarrollo social de software con Smalltalk
Desarrollo social y Bitcoins
Details of some inspection results
E8 Activated Methods chunk format
E8 Activated Methods javascript
E8 Activated methods by class
E8 Activated methods list
E8 Concecuences of the JSC parse issue while runnning coco8 applications
E8 Confirmation that the bug is still present Nov and Dec 2016
E8 E8Blobst
E8 E8Blobstjs
E8 Evaluating without native objects in iOS
E8 JavascriptCore parse issue
E8 Reducing the image size
E8 References to webkit bug report
E8 Requiered classes st
E8 Required classes
E8 Required classes javascript
E8 WhyWhenWho is going to the crash
E8 trace results
E8sx Evaluating without native objects in OSX
Entrevista a Alejandro Reimondo COCO8
Entrevista a Claudio Campos
Entrevista a Miguel Isasmendi parte II
Entrevista a Sergio Garcia Canto
Entrevista a Sergio Garcia Canto Hágalo Ud mismo
Error when accessing Contributions page
Example inspecting webbased local system connectivity to remote S8 System
Fixed BUGs list
How can I connect U8 desktop tools to Android device objects
How to get the connection IP address of your Android device
How to publish a ScanApps application as U8 contribution
IMLT8AndroidAle unused
IMLT8AndroidDec2013 unused
IMLT8AndroidSergio unused
IMLT8iOS unused
Inspecting connected system browser in web local S8 system
Inspecting webbased local system connectivity to remote S8 System
Installation issue when Instant Run option enabled
JSC Avoiding the JSC bug Jan 25 2017
JSC Issue report Jan 2017
JX8android appS8 list of version updates
Misc App Busqueda del Tesoro
Misc Embedding UI8 in this page
Misc IOSMobileWidget and subclasses
Misc Imagesnapshot edition
Misc MobileApplication framework
Misc MobileApplication iosandroidetc
Misc Modular image
Misc Scanned papers and ideas
Misc Swiki based changes
Misc U8 tools Image structure
Misc UI8 WI8Object hierarchy
Misc UIKit view classes
Misc coco8 IOS tabbed app contribution
Misc coco8 U8 Tools
Misc coco8 U8 Transcript and references
Mobile Coordinator
Mobile Counter Sample Application
Mobile Critics and thoughts about current designimplementation of Mobile Framework
Mobile How to change the spec of rendered UI dynamically and refresh contents
Mobile How to change the spec of rendered UI dynamically and refresh contents examples changed for ios
Mobile How to change the spec of rendered UI dynamically and refresh contents using spec
Mobile How to implement a Mobile Application
Mobile Ideas on how to build a Mobile application incrementally
Mobile MobileApplication
Mobile MobileCoordinator
Mobile MobileDevice
Mobile MobileSystem
Mobile MobileThread
Mobile ToDo differences between platforms
Mobile Widgets
Mobile alternatives and old platforms
Moving s8vmexe to other location
NTH Newextensible platform options
Newsletter Vol 1 Septiembre 2012
Newsletter Vol 2 Junio 2013
Newsletter Vol 3 Diciembre 2014
Newsletter Vol 4 Diciembre 2015
Node walkthrough
Obj8 Boot a minimal image
Obsolete How to apply an Upgrade
Obsolete Steps to install and build S8 VM with VS2008
Obsolete main help page
Obsolete testing results for remote JX8desktopOSX system
Obsolete testing results for remote coco8 system
Obsolete testing results for remote jx8android system
Obsoleteaccepted suggestions
Page to edit FAQ about S8 in U8 site
QuickView Class filter
QuickView Class selector
QuickView Method filter
QuickView Method selector
Reported bugs using U8 tools connected to remote s8 systems
S8 Balloons
S8 Base Frameworks
S8 Bind your browser to a remote S8 system
S8 Browser
S8 Bug report page
S8 Chunk readers and fileIn
S8 Etapas del ciclo de vida de un avance tecnológico
S8 Extensions to Smalltalk syntax
S8 Loading BIG images and modules
S8 Obj8 platform
S8 Proceso de evolución tecnológica con S8
S8sx Index page
Suggested modifications to U8 AprilMay 2014
Test Two tabs app in ios
The system server
Transcripcion crudaReunion COCO8 a Ale Reimondo Elvio Fernandez y Claudio Campos
Types of references
U8 Android UI Framework
U8 Application startup
U8 Betatesting efforts
U8 Binding your U8 tools to a remote S8 system
U8 Bug report page
U8 Checklist to release
U8 Community
U8 Compact Tools
U8 Comparison of Android and iOS UI widgets
U8 Draft pages
U8 Frameworks
U8 Frameworks Index
U8 Getting started
U8 How to work on your contribution
U8 IMLT8 mobile frw unused
U8 IMLT8 unused
U8 Implementing your server side apps in S8
U8 Meetings
U8 Mobile
U8 Mobile Framework
U8 NTH Server features
U8 Newsletter
U8 Newsletter Revision
U8 Next steps
U8 Platforms
U8 Platforms proposal
U8 Powered by S8
U8 Review of mobile UI frameworks and components
U8 Suggestions
U8 Swiki
U8 U8 tool
U8 U8 volumes
U8 U8Debugger
U8 U8Debugger Android
U8 U8Debugger Android new
U8 UI8Changes
U8 UI8Transcript
U8 Video projects
U8 Walkthrough
U8 Web headless
U8 Welcome Screen
U8 Wish lists
U8 iOS UI Framework
UI8 Bug report page
UI8 Interaction with remote screen
UI8 Prompters loggers and choosers
UI8 Todo list
UI8 U8Toolbar
UI8 U8WebPlatformTools
UI8 UI8Actions
UI8 UI8Application
UI8 UI8Application Sample Hello
UI8 UI8Browser
UI8 UI8Chat
UI8 UI8ChunkBrowser
UI8 UI8Connections
UI8 UI8Explorer
UI8 UI8Forwarder
UI8 UI8Inspector
UI8 UI8Prompter
UI8 UI8QuickList
UI8 UI8References
UI8 UI8SUnit
UI8 UI8Screen
UI8 UI8Snapshot
UI8 UI8Spy
UI8 UI8SystemTool
UI8 UI8Tester
UI8 UI8ToolApplication
UI8 UI8Welcome
UI8 UI8Workspace
UI8 and WI8 frameworks
UI8WI8 Web Headless Mode walkthrough
WI8 ActionWidget
WI8 AnchorWidget
WI8 ApplicationWidget
WI8 BreakWidget
WI8 ButtonWidget
WI8 CheckboxWidget
WI8 CodeAreaWidget
WI8 CustomWidget
WI8 DialogWindow
WI8 HTMLDesktop
WI8 HTMLDragManager
WI8 HTMLListPart
WI8 HTMLWidget
WI8 IFrameWidget
WI8 IconView
WI8 ImageValuesWidget
WI8 ImageWidget
WI8 ListItemWidget
WI8 ListWidget
WI8 MainView
WI8 SelectWidget
WI8 TabsWidget
WI8 TextAreaWidget
WI8 TextInputWidget
WI8 TextWidget
WI8 ToolbarWidget
WI8 TopPane
WI8 WI8DragManager
WI8 WI8Object
WI8 WI8Widget
Widget types mapping each platform
Word counter tutorial
WordCounter class source code
chart8 Building the project
chart8 Demo Chart
chart8 Implementing the Highcharts library
chart8 Index page
chart8 list of version updates
coco8 Accessing iOS local Databases with S8
coco8 Application
coco8 Application delegate
coco8 Application startup
coco8 Architecture of JSCocoa Interface
coco8 BUG Crash situation during UI callback
coco8 BUG Crash type 1 JSCell related issues while garbage collecting
coco8 BUG Crash type 2 deferred while garbage collecting
coco8 BUG Snapshotting a view not rendered
coco8 BUG Terminated due to memory issue
coco8 BUG hasProperty callback returned true for a property that does not exist
coco8 BUG issues while recompile
coco8 BUG strange error report in Xcode backup console iOS 93
coco8 Bug report page
coco8 CRASH evaluating simple expression
coco8 CRASH reading files
coco8 Coco8 list of version updates
coco8 Configure your Xcode project for distribution
coco8 Crash stack captures for statically bound JavascriptCore library
coco8 Creating an iTunes Connect Record for our App
coco8 Creating native iOS applications with S8
coco8 Creating out arguments to native functions
coco8 Frameworks and applications
coco8 How to implement NSArray enumeration
coco8 How to install files under application folder
coco8 How to join the iOS tester group
coco8 How we are booting an S8 system in iOS
coco8 Index page
coco8 Installing coco8 App on Test Devices
coco8 Issue report Evaluating simple expression
coco8 Issue report Reading Sample file
coco8 JSCocoa Interface
coco8 Library
coco8 NDA
coco8 Nice To Have
coco8 ObjectiveC block arguments
coco8 Publishing to the AppStore
coco8 Publishing to the market
coco8 Registering an App Id for our app
coco8 Registry of ObjectiveC blocks
coco8 Requirements for iOS development with S8
coco8 ScanApp
coco8 Server in your phone
coco8 Submitting Your App to the Store
coco8 ToDo ObjectiveC blocks to be implemented
coco8 ToDo list for publishing coco8 application
coco8 Transcript
coco8 U8 toolset
coco8 U8Applications
coco8 U8ApplicationsIcons
coco8 U8ApplicationsList
coco8 U8ApplicationsWelcome
coco8 U8ClassBrowserViewController
coco8 U8FileBrowserController
coco8 U8InspectorViewController
coco8 U8ReferencesController
coco8 U8SystemBrowserViewController
coco8 U8WorkspaceController
coco8 U8WorkspaceNotesController
coco8 Welcome Screen
coco8 Wrapping iOS native Classes
coco8 free
coco8 iOS Hello World Tutorial
coco8 iPhone development with S8
coco8fb Browsing the SDK with ObjCBrowser
coco8fb Building the project
coco8fb Index page
console Application startup
console Building s8vm for Ms Windows 64 bits
console How to build a new application Image
console How to load a smalltalk file
console How to use the StLoop utility
console Index Page
console OBSOLETE Building s8vm for MS Windows 32 and 64 bits with GYP
console Platform FAQ page
date picker
dji8 Index page
dji8 list of version updates
examplespec Add a listener to a widget
examplespec Add a new coordinator template
examplespec Add a new thread
examplespec Add a widget
examplespec Add a widget JX8 Android
examplespec Add a widget using spec message
examplespec Add a widget changed for ios
examplespec Change rendering order of a widget
examplespec Check the title of a MobileCoordinator has changed
examplespec Check the title of a MobileCoordinator has changed changed for ios
examplespec Modify a listener handler of a widget
examplespec Modify a property of a widget through coordinator template this is a better way
examplespec Modify a property of a widget through widget of the coordinator
examplespec Modify a thread
examplespec Modify the listener of a MobileCoordinator
examplespec Modify the listener of a MobileCoordinator changed for ios
examplespec Modify the title of a MobileCoordinator
examplespec Modify the title of a MobileCoordinator changed for ios
examplespec Remove a thread
examplespec Remove a widget
examplespec Remove a widget changed for ios
fbot8 Embedding the App server
fbot8 Facebook Messenger Bot
fbot8 Hacking the messenger
fbot8 Implementing the App server in S8
fbot8 Installing the messenger
iOS SDK Where are they using block arguments
jx8 Index page
jx8android A description of appS8 UI framework
jx8android Boot procedure of jx8Android applications
jx8android Building the application image
jx8android Building the application package APK
jx8android Connections
jx8android Explorer
jx8android FAQ
jx8android File Browser
jx8android How to join the jx8android tester group
jx8android Index page
jx8android Inspector
jx8android Instantiation of JavaObjects
jx8android Issues installing project on Android Studio
jx8android List of version updates
jx8android Log of applications startup
jx8android References
jx8android Requirements and installing Android Studio project
jx8android ScanApp
jx8android Screen
jx8android Some UI framework internal details in short
jx8android Swiki Testing
jx8android SystemBrowser
jx8android Transcript
jx8android UI framework in short
jx8android Update OpenSSL layer
jx8android Welcome
jx8android Workspace
jx8android Workspace List
jx8android Wrapping instantiation log
jx8android app Log
jx8android appS8 Log
jx8android appU8 Log
jx8android poc8 Log
jx8desktop Index page
jx8fb Adding the Facebook SDK to Android Studio project
jx8fb Building the project
jx8fb Index page
jx8ios Enabling CTypes in mozjs
jx8ios Extending jxcore with internal module for s8
jx8ios Index page
jx8ios List of version updates
luvit Connecting S8 with remote Luvit systems
m8n Lua workspace
m8n Running tests
m8n S8 on Lua
m8n fengari loader
m8n workbench
mobile screen
mobileiosTestingTwo tabs app for testing in ios
node8 Index Page
node8 Node Frameworks
nodelua Embedding Lua in S8 applications
obsolete page
photos8 iOS Photosframework
pi8 Accessing a web cam
pi8 Building S8VM on the Pi
pi8 GPIO inputs with rpigpiojs
pi8 How to blink an LED with S8
pi8 Inspection of results to require cylon modules
pi8 Install S8 nodeJS in Rasperry Pi 3
pi8 Installing Cylonjs for Raspberry Pi
pi8 Installing FFI support in Rasperry Pi 3
pi8 Installing nodegyp in Rasperry Pi 3
pi8 Jumper Wires
pi8 LED
pi8 LED Blink test script
pi8 Loading javascript library Cylonjs
pi8 Loading the Cylon Framework
pi8 NO Momentary Miniature Push Button Switch
pi8 Pi3B Expansion Header
pi8 Projects
pi8 Raspberry Pi
pi8 Setup from clean raspbian installation
pi8 The Breadboard
pi8 The Resistor
pi8 Turning on a LED with Cylonjs
pi8 Turning onoff a LED with rpigpiojs
pi8 Using DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
pi8 Using MPU6050 GyroscopeAccelerometer
pi8 nodeffi API
pi8 try to build Raspberry Pi version of gn binary
radio button
reactnative about ReactNative setup and dev life cycle
rn8 Embedding S8 environment in your app
rn8 Index page
s8 Binary module format
s8sx How to join the OSX tester group
s8sx Index page
s8sx Nice To Have
s8sx Trying to reproduce issue evaluating in OSX
s8sx Trying to reproduce issue reading file in OSX
taking pictures
the coco8 applicationb in your deviceInstall Ipa
tipos de Widgets y Clases en cada plataforma
tns8 Embedding S8 environment in your app
tns8 Hello Workspace app
tns8 Index page
tns8 List of version updates
tns8 Status of development
unused page
video Hay nombres
web Application startup
web Index Page